1. Introduction [10%] – Layering, TCP/IP Layering, Internet Addresses, The Domain Name System, Client-Server Model, Port Numbers, Implementations and Application, Programming interfaces.
  2. The Link Layer Ethernet and IEEE 802 EncapsulationTrailer Encapsulation [10%] – SLIP : Serial Line IP, Compressed SLIP, PPP : Point-to-Point Protocol.
  3. IP : The Internet Protocol [15%] – IP Header, IP Routing, Subnet Addressing, Subnet Mask, Special Case IP Addresses.
  4. Introduction to ARP [10%] – Address Resolution Protocol and RARP: Reverse Address Resolution Protocol, ARP Packet Format, Proxy ARP, RARP Packet Format
  5. ICMP [15%] – Internet Control Message Protocol Introduction, ICMP Message Types, ICMP Address, Mask Request and Reply, IP Routing Routing Principles, Introduction to Dynamic Routing
  6. UDP [5%] – User Datagram Protocol UDP Header, UDP Checksum
  7. DNS [5%] – The Domain Name System DNS Basics, DNS Message Format, security.
  8. TCP [15%] – Transmission Control Protocol, TCP Services, TCP Header TCP Connection, Establishment and Termination, TCP Timeout and Re-transmission, Re-packetization.
  9. Telnet and Rlogin [5%] – Remote Login Rlogin Protocol, SMTP Protocol
  10. FTP – File Transfer Protocol and SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol [10%]

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